Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Smithpopper's Adventure

     This story starts around the Smithpopper's house in Cherrydale Mississippi . The Smithpopper's are:  Annie the big sister, Max the big brother, Maya the little sister, Tom the dad and Susie the mom.They were planing to go to Atlanta with the Bellowhere's and the Kurtainbob's.  There teacher, Mr.Grgg is  funny he falls down a lot.

When they go to the airport Mr.Grgg comes too because he goes to the store next to it. Then he got bananas at the store and he ate one and threw it and walked on it and slipped into the Smithpopper's luggage. While Mr.Grgg was loaded in the back, the Smithpopper's were flying to Atlanta Georgia newly opened "Animal Palace Zoo"and staying at a hotel for 5 days.

When they came to the zoo a guide showed them to the dolphin pool that was 10 feet deep and had glass walls. The guide said that they could swim with the dolphins but Maya, Arya and Max couldn't swim so well so only Annie, Tom, Susie, Bob, Mary, Beatrice, Jon, Emily, and Robert went. When they went in the pool the guide told them the dolphins will come out and put there noses on your feet and push you around and they did.

Mr.Grgg saw the lock was open a little bit so he  knocked it and it opened so  he followed the people into the zoo but he accidentally fell into the dolphin pool but the lifeguard saved him.

The Smithpopper's were surprised Mr.Grgg was there but Maya was gone! Everybody ran to find her. Finally Susie and tom found her in the tall lions cage. They called the guy with the ladder and he climbed up and got her.Then everybody went home and lived happily ever after!

The End