Friday, March 29, 2013

My writing class.

Every Friday I have writing class.  Here is a story that i wrote today:
Pink smells like strawberries, sweet and juicy. 
Red is like fire, Hot! Hot! Hot!  
Green like grass for cows.  
Brown like tree bark, hard and rough.  
Orange like the sun so bright.  
Blue like the sea. So many waves.  
Black like darkness so scary and spooky.
Light blue like the sky.  
Yellow like a dandelion flower really pretty.

Today I did How Things Work.  I learned that if you throw a ball from the 3rd floor of an window, that it starts out slow than it goes faster and faster until it hits the ground. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


This is what I learned in The Story of the World.  The Franks settled down in Gaul next to the Roman citizens who already lived there.  Then 2 other tribes called Allemani and Burgundians came and settled down too.  Even though the Burgundians, Allemani, Roman citizens and the Franks didn't like each other a guy named Merovius joined together all of them so they could fight the Huns together.

Today I did How Things Work.I learned that you should put only the mass on some thing that your selling because in different areas there is different weights.  But everywhere there is only one mass.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Today I read The Story of the World. I learned that the first people of New Zealand were called the Maori. And I learned that meres are sharp-edged wooden clubs.

This morning I made hard boiled eggs and put them in colored water.  Before I put it in the water I wrote my name on it in white crayon. Then when I took the egg out of the water my name was on the egg!

I did Reading Pictographs 2 and my Review on Khan Academy.

After I pick up my brother from school I am going to go to a grassy hill and slide down it with a boogie-board!

Monday, March 25, 2013


Today I learned on How Things Work that if you drop a basket ball and you drop it 2 in. off the ground onto the back of somebodies hand  it won't hurt.  But if you drop it from 1 foot off the ground the person will quickly move their hand out of the way.

Today I learned from The Story of the World that Korea and China become one country and then they came apart again.  Korea copied China's ideas, their games and even their hairdos!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rock Star Cheetah


Here is one of my stories from my writing class:

 Rock Star Cheetah was mean.  She was as mean as a cat.  She was meaner than a cat, she was as mean as a cheetah.She howled at the crowd.  She purred to the audience. She ran around the stage really fast.  But there was one thing she couldn't do though...Roar!  She couldn't roar!

Friday, March 22, 2013

My story

This is a story I wrote from my writing class. This is a mix mach story:

    My science fair project was complete. I made a time machine, robot and a racing vehicle. I hid it in a cave  My robot, time machine and  racing vehicle were ready to show the world.   It was midnight in ancient Egypt, the Invisible Man and the Magician and the Robot who were short and lumpy were searching for a fire breathing Brontosaurus.  But they wanted to meet the President instead.  They were having trouble keeping control of my racing vehicle.  Then they found a cave and went in.  They went forward in time, only for my time machine to break.  Finally, I won the contest.  I learned that it pays off to work hard.

I learned from The Story of the World that China was split in half and the Northern part said that the Southern part had a lot of bugs and is really hot.  And they don't know anything about art or music!  Yang Chien got to be the emperor. And a dynasty  is where one family rules for a lot of years.  But they only ruled for 40 years.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Today I did Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers.

 I learned that Newton's First Law of Motion is An object that is free of external forces moves at a constant velocity on  How Things Work.

And I learned  that the Universe is getting bigger over time and the Universe used to be small.

I learned while i read The Story of the World that one day Muhammad had a headache and then he lie down and never got up. He was dead.  Who will rule Medina now?  The people of Medina chose Muhammad's friend Abu Bakr  to be the leader or Caliph.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Today I learned the Koran is Islam's holy book.  And I learned what the 5 pillars of Islam are. Here is one of the 5 pillars of Islam: Muslims have to pray to Allah 5 times a day.  Muslim children start praying when they are seven years old.  When they turn ten, they have to pray 5 times a day!

House and Ant Farm

Hi everybody!  The day before yesterday I made this. My dad told my an idea and I made it.  I used tent poles and pencils.  I used the pencils for bracing the Tent poles so it will be stable.  I had to use all the tape!

Today I did spelling page 64-65 on Why Johnny Can't Read.
This is my brothers Ant Farm. The ants made a lot of holes.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Today I learned that the sign for Islam is a crescent moon , the sign of Jesus is a cross or a fish and that the Jews sign is the star of David. And I learned that the Old  Testament is the Torah.

I learned on How Things Work that Velocity is speed with direction. And that there are a lot of kinds of Acceleration,here is some of them:  Going forward, backward, right and left.  When you go left or right you spin.  And I learned that mass is the measure of an object's inertia.

Monday, March 18, 2013


For 2 weeks I am doing these songs:  Sunburst waltz, Tarantella, Shave and a haircut, Theme by Hayden and Dragon hunt.  My teacher said that if I do 10 checks for each song I will get a prize!  And if I do 15 checks for each song I will get a super prize!  Checks are when ever I do 1 song 2 times I get a check.

Today reading The Story of the World I learned about Muhammad's Vision.  Muhammad saw the angel, Gabriel and Gabriel told Muhammad that he was the messenger of the god, Allah.  So Muhammad said to everyone that there is only one god, his name is Allah.

I learned reading Sounds all Around that long ago people would use drum sounds like messages. Different drum sounds made different messages like rain clouds are forming or a new leader has been chosen.  And I learned that snakes have to put their head on the ground and feel the vibrations so he can tell that there is an enemy near by.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

My writing class

Yesterday I had writing class.  Here is one of the stories i wrote :  Once there was a girl named kitty.  She was going to Hawaii.  Soon she was on the plane and landed in Hawaii.  She went to a place called Alani, a Disney hotel.  First they showed her, her room.  Then she said "Hawabunga!" and jumped in the pool.  After that she slid down the slide.  Then she went in the jacuzzi and then she went to in her room to sleep.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I learned reading The Story of the World that the Huns attacked India but Skandagupta (the king) drove the Huns out from India.  The people were so happy that they put his face on a coin.

Today I learned how to print strings and numbers together on Karel.  This is what it looks like:             println("Your speed is " + miles/hours  +  "miles per hour");

I did review page 64 on Why Johnny Can't Read.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beast Academy

Today I got the next issue of Beast Academy and the Manga Guide to the Universe.  In Beast Academy I learned that the perimeter of a square inch is 4 inches. And I learned that 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5,....... is equal to one.

I read The Story of the World. I learned that Justinian was married to Theodora.  Justinian was a emperor in Constantinople. Justinian made the first laws here are some of the laws : If a thief stole something valuable he has to pay the owner 4 times as much as the object cost.

For piano this week I'm playing Sunburst Waltz and Taps.

In Gymnastics today I did a pull over.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I read The Magic School Bus in the Time of the Dinosaurs and did Comparing Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers on Khan Academy

On Karel I got input from the user using readLine.

In chapter 3 of The Story of the World, I read about monks.  When there were no books the monks had to write them.  They made a special kind of paper called parchment.  This is how they made parchment : First they put cow or sheep skins in running water for several days .  Then they soaked it again in a barrel full of water and lime for several days more.  Finally they stretched out the skin, scrape of the hair with a knife and attach it to a frame so it can dry.  When the skin dried, they would take it of the frame and wet it again.  After that they rub it with a rough stone.  When the skin had dried it would have to be cut into rectangles folded over to make pages and stitched together to make booklets.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Electric Field Trip


Today I read The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip.  I learned that everything is made out of atoms, and inside atoms is the nucleus and the electrons.  The nucleus makes the atom have weight and the electrons take all the other space.  When electrons run through a wire it's called an electric current. The word current comes from the words "to run".   When the electric current stops flowing from the power plant to the community it's called a blackout. When extra electrons stick to tiny droplets of water or ice in a storm, and enough of them gather in one spot they can jump from the clouds to the ground.  This is called lightning.

I also read Happy Birthday Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, and went skateboarding under the freeway on the Mountains to Sea Trail.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Little house in the big woods.


I like Little House in the Big Woods. It is a very good book. It is about a family who lives in a big woods.  The people are named Laura, Mary, Ma, Pa and baby Carrie. They went  to there grandpas house and had a party there. They were dancing and the grandma and the grandma's son were jigging and the grandma's son got tired and the grandma won!

Their candy is hard maple syrup.  This is how they make it :  Get a pan of snow and  pour a little bit of maple syrup in the pan and keep on doing that 4 times in the same pan. Let it harden until it's chewy. Then you eat it.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jump Roping

Hi everyone!

Today I jump roped 36 times!  I found a really cool jump roping video.

On Monday I scraped my knee on the ground and the day after that I had my flex try outs. When the try outs were almost over I hit my knee on the ground again! I am doing try outs today too. I think my knee will be fine though.

I found a Cashflow game online if you want to play with me. Tell me the name of your game.  You can email me if you want to play with me.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Beowulf the hero

This is what i learned today;

I learned that the Celts were British warriors and the story of Beowulf the hero.  This is how it goes....
Once there was a warrior named Beowulf.  He was very strong.  Sometimes the other warriors would go to fight the giant, Grendel.  But every time they went to see Grendel he would eat them all up when they were sleeping.  Then Beowulf went to fight Grendel with his men.  Then Grendel  tried to eat one of Beowulf men and Beowulf twisted Grendel's arm and the arm fell off!  Grendel ran out of the room and drowned in a lake.

I learned how to indent the code on karel. First you indent the top code then the code insid that code and then the code inside that code and you keep doing that until you don't have any code left. The last code should be indented the most.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

While loops

Today I learned while loops on Karel. A while loops makes the thing you typed go over and over again and makes the stuff stop when something you typed is true. A while loops look like this:

 while (frontIsClear( )){
            putBall( );
            move( );

This week i am doing Boxcar Rumble and A Day at the Carnival for piano.

I learned on How Things Work an object that is in motion stays in motion and if you push against a skater and I push against the same skater at equal force the skater will not go anywhere.

In the Story of the World I learned that when people first made pyramids they were white. And the Romans called the Visigoths, Vandals, Huns, Goths and Ostrogoths barbarians.

Monday, March 4, 2013

If statements, Inertia

Today I learned if statements in Karel.  If statements are thing like if you have the ball move two times. Or else if you don't have the ball turn left. This is what an if statement and looks like:

if (haveBall) {

I learned science on How Things Work. I learned that a thing that is still stays still unless you push it. It is called Inertia. If you put some stuff on the table with a cloth on the table and you put the cloth off the things will stay in the same spot they have always been.

I did spelling on page 64 in Why Johnny Can't Read.

Friday, March 1, 2013



This morning I did  programming with Karel on Karel is a dog in programming. You can do stuff to him. I learned comments. There are two kinds of comments. There's a one line comments and several line comments. In the beginning on the one line comments there are two slashes like this //. And in the beginning of the several line comments there is a slash multiplication star like this /*. And at the end like this*/.

My Christmas Glee Club.

Hi Everybody! This is a video of me singing with my Glee club. I am the last one on the right.