Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Marietta and the Magical Emerald

    This is a story I wrote in Bridges Project Ink writing class. It's about a fairy named Marietta and a scientist named Draco:

Chapter One: The Land of Sunny Maple

     Once upon a time, far, far away in the Land of Sunny Maple, if you looked close enough you would see golden, shimmering Almond Castle.  Strong, stone towers with clear, beautiful windows stood tall.  The castle had wooden steps so lovely they looked fake.  It was a lovely place were flowers grew every day.  All around it you could see the old sandy-brown trees of Butterfly Forest which blue birds filled in the sunny summer.  Next to it you could hear the whistling ocean-blue water of Diamond waterfall as loud of a elephant's trumpet.  You could also smell the fresh, syrupy melted chocolate from Bellflower Chocolate Lake.  It was a magical place where strange, enchanting things happened, especially when the chocolate plants gracefully grew under the cinnamon-brown lake.

Chapter Two: Marietta

      In the land of Sunny maple, there also lived a smart fairy named Marietta. She had beautiful wings with light-pink swirly designs of butterflies on them because she loved how butterflies floated through the air.  Her soft rose-pink hair was like a flower blowing in the wind whenever she flew around. When you looked at her you could see her dazzling feet, as smooth as round pebbles with pink toenail polish. She always wore a sparkly dress which was made out of silk and shimmered in the sun when ever she zoomed through the clouds. She also wore a pink barrette which was shaped like a daisy and kept her thin hair out of her lovely face when she played with the butterflies.  Marietta always carried a magical emerald seed that could grow into anything she commanded.  She hid it in her pouch so that she could make sure no one faced any danger.

Chapter Three: Draco

    In the Land of Sunny Maple there also lived a scientist named Draco.  His large peach-orange nose smelled his experiments in his lab, and had a wild mustache sitting underneath it.  His large, black eyes were like the dark night shining in the silver moon light.  When you looked at him, you could see silver-gray hair as spiky as porcupine quills poking someone.  He always wore aqua-blue glasses, which looked like the ocean when he greedily smiled.  he also wore a sky-blue tie which quickly swung around his neck because it was very heavy.  Draco always wanted to steal the chocolate plants underneath the cinnamon-brown Bellflower Chocolate Lake because he loved chocolate.

Chapter Four: Draco's plan

    One windy afternoon something terrible happened in the Land of Sunny Maple.  It all started because Draco wanted to selfishly steal the chocolate plants away from the lake.  First he quietly walked over the bridge as fast as a tiger towards the lake. At that moment, Draco dove into Bellflower Chocolate Lake and speedily dashed down to the yummy plants.  He was so happy he danced around the because he now knew he could eat all the chocolate he wanted.  Anyone could see that he wanted to do something bad because of his greedy smile.  Then he grabbed the sweet plants so quickly he jumped back up to the surface in three seconds.  You could see the lake turning into sticky chocolate quicksand mysteriously.  And, it sounded as if there was a huge earthquake, shaking the ground very hard.  All around him sat the remains of the plants like the leaves and steams.  At last, he silently raced back to the shore until he turned around and there was Marietta.  There was a moment of silence as they stared at each other. At the same time, there was a feeling of hunger among all the citizens.  Instantly, Draco ran away with the valuable plants back to his smelly cottage.  Draco  felt so happy he could have eaten 100 pounds of chocolate.  Draco cheerfully whispered, "Ha-ha-ha! Now I can eat so much chocolate!"
        Marietta sadly muttered, "I need to do something and fast!!"

Chapter Five: The Chocolate Plants are Returned

    Then at that moment Marietta remembered her Magical Emerald seed, so she grabbed it and flew slowly off to the lake. At that moment , she threw the seed into the chocolate quicksand and shouted "Grow more chocolate plants!!!"  She was so happy she could have flew all the way up to the sun. Anyone around could see that she was excited because she had a twinkle in her eyes.  In a flash she joyfully flew as fast as a humming bird after Draco.  You could see her shimmering wings fluttering 1000 times per minute! And, it sounded as if a giant jumped up and down ten times because her wings flapped really hard. All around her loud noises almost made her fall to the ground but she pushed forward until she caught up to Draco.  Then she convinced Draco to give back some of the chocolate plants so he walked back slowly back to Bellflower Chocolate Lake.  There was a long moment of silence as Draco gave back the plants.  And at the same time the plants started to grow very quickly until they reached the  top of the lake.  Instantly all the  villagers came down to the lake and ate some chocolate cheering for Marietta.  Marietta felt so cheerful she could have hugged all the villagers. Marietta kindly shouted "Thank you for giving back the plants!!"  Draco slowly replied "Your welcome, but can I keep one?  Marietta happily answered "You can. Go plant it!"  In the end Draco raced home and ate chocolate.  Then they all lived happily after ever.

About the Author and Dedication

    Neela Emilie Michelsen is the author of Marietta and the Magical Emerald.  She is in third grade and participated in  the 2013 Project Ink writing camp this summer where she wrote this story.  She has one younger brother, Nirav and one younger sister Naiya who are both fun to play with and she loves to play kitchen with them.  Neela likes to read books such as Winter according to Humphrey and the Judy Blume series because they allow her to relax from running  around.  She also likes to play at the  park with Nirav and Naiya.  In her spare time, Neela plays music on the piano, songs such as "Somewhere over the Rainbow."  When she grows up she would like to be a baker because she likes to bake cookies, especially chocolate ones.  Neela would like to dedicate her story to her mom because she helps her bake cookies.