Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Hello everyone!!!! I am in sixth grade now. Last week my class went to outdoor science camp. It was so fun! My friends Vanessa and Kaylie were in the same cabin as me. I thought the food would be like cafeteria food but it was actually REALLY GOOD! They even let us have seconds. I also liked the rock climbing. It was fun. On the medium course, I got all the way up to the top and rung the bell but on the hard course I barley even got halfway. After that we played maufia. The showers there were sooooo cold! We had to take it in 3 minutes which was not as hard as I expected it to be. My cabin was the smallest of everyones! I wish we got a bigger one. On the third day we did Botany which is the study of trees and we went on a four hour hike! We also had a trail lunch that day.  On Friday (we left on Tuesday) we had to go home. It was sad to leave but I was excited to tell my family all about it! I missed them.
So, that was my trip and if you went to outdoor ED I hope you liked it or if you are going to outdoor ED... It is going to be SO FUN.

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