Friday, March 4, 2016

My New Story

Hi everyone!
My friend Charline and I have written a story and we are so excited to get it published. If you guys want to check it out (or even buy it!) go to in a couple of weeks and it will be there. If you really want to read some, I will give you a sneak peek right here. Also, my birthday is coming up! It is in May so only 2 more months to go! Here is the story:


On a chilly, snowy night, Charline, Neela, Karen, Kaylie, Robin and Maddy, were having a sleepover at Robin’s house.The girls had just ate a dinner of pasta and lemonade. As they walked to Robin’s room, Neela yawned.
         “We better go to bed.” Kaylie announced, “I’m tired.” they all agreed. Karen fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. They were all sleeping deeply when suddenly, a bright light flashed in front of them! Neela and Charline woke up and stared at it, blinding their eyes. They were hypnotized as they staggered toward the light. Then, a cold hand shoved them in.. With a shrieking laughter, they were gone. The other friends sat up, waking to a disappearing Charline and Neela.
“What happened?! Where is Charline and Neela?! Did you hear that sound?! Are they hurt?! What if they never come back?! What if-” cried Robin.
“Don’t worry.” Maddy said, “I think they just went downstairs. Maybe to get a midnight snack.”
“Okay.” Robin sighed.
The four girls rushed downstairs and found no one there. They searched high and low but still couldn’t find them. They glumly walked up the stairs and realized that there were footprints on the ground and a tiny, glowing, light. Kaylie pinched it and it enlarged.
“Oh my gosh! I think this is a portal to somewhere! Wait a sec…...Ah Ha! I know! This is a portal that Charline and Neela probably fell in! Let’s go inside!” exclaimed Karen. But before Karen could put her foot in, Maddy raced to stop her, just in time.
“Be careful Karen! We don’t know what’s in that portal! It could be dangerous!” Madeline whisper-yelled.
“We understand what you’re trying to do but we can’t just go right away. We need to make a plan.”
“I’m okay with that. My goal is just to get them back.”
“Hughhh-sshoooooo!!!” the four girls heard. They were startled and froze.
“Oh my! I forgot that my parents were still sleeping! How are we supposed to do this without them knowing?” asked Robin. They thought and thought and thought.
“Yes! I know what to do!” exclaimed Karen. “ Let’s go ask the good witch Sorcerer Young and Enchantress TV! They can put a sleeping spell on them!”
“Good idea! Yeah! Let’s do it! Hurry!” the girls agreed. They quickly got dressed, and in a blink of an eye, they were gone.

Neela and Charline felt like they were falling, falling, falling, and then, THUMP! They hit the ground as hard as a rock. They woke up, confused.
“Where are we?” asked Neela.
“I-I-I don’t really know.” Charline answered miserably. “But I do know we’re lost.” They looked around the dark world nervously and started to curl up. Suddenly, A tan-colored light appeared and morphed into a human girl! The two girls hopped backwards.
“Whoa! What was that?” cried Neela.
“Hello.” she said, “Welcome to Ingla! My name is Rachel.” Then, three other lights, each their own color, appeared and morphed into girls.
“Hi! I’m Cindy. Yay! We finally have visitors!” said the orange light.
“I’m Olivia.” said the yellow light.
“And I’m Annabel.” said the red light.
“Hello. I’m Charline and this is my friend Neela.” Charline answered to the 4 girls.
“Hi!” Neela added.
“Where are you from?” asked Olivia C.
“We are from Earth.” said Neela. As the girls made friends with Rachel, Cindy, Olivia, and Annabel, the 4 girls walked toward the capital of Ingla, Bryville, where Queen Ramirez ruled. When they got there, the villagers peeked at them, noticing Neela and Charline were from another land. Two little girls ran up to them, one with a purple light and one with a pink light.
“Hello!” said the purple light, “My name is Caroline. Welcome to Bryville!”
“I’m Naiya. You look like nice people!” said the pink light, “What are your names?”
“I am Neela and this is my friend Charline, and back home, our sisters are named Naiya and Caroline.” said Neela surprised. Then a young red light came over.
“Hey! I’m Nirav, welcome to Bryville!” The 3 little ones joined the group and they all walked slowly, admiring the unique shops and the things in them.
“Do any of you know how to get portals? We fell in one and we need to get home.” asked Charline.
“I know!” shouted Caroline, “We can ask Queen Ramirez for help!”
“I know where to go!” said Cindy, “Follow me!”Cindy rushed out of the room, waiting for them to follow. Neela shrugged as to say, ‘I don’t where we are going but let’s follow them.’ And that’s what they did.


  1. Neela, I searched your book up on LuLu, but no results came out for your book. Is it not published yet?


  2. Nope, it is not published yet. I hope we will publish it soon.

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